4 Ways to help your Business
Sustain in Times of Crisis

4 Ways to help your Business Sustain in Times of Crisis

4 Ways to help your Business Sustain in Times of Crisis

2020 is a year destined for history books with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic turning the crisis to both a Health and Economic Disaster. True Leaders are able to turn even a Global Pandemic into an opportunity by remaining Resilient, Empathetic, Disciplined and Focused on the Big Picture.

No matter which form Crises take, be it Health, Economic or Natural, they have the potential to do serious damage to the business, but they also have the potential to refine our Strategy and create more valuable Opportunities.

The question is up to the Leaders?! Don't make the mistake of being swept up in it, instead throw out your Anchor and Stay Steady in the Storm! Here are 4 ways to help sustain your business in times of Crises:

  • 1. Stay Focused on the Big Picture:

    Take the time to slow down to adjust your strategy, see opportunities that can accelerate your business and be more in tune with the current needs of your customers.

  • 2. Be Flexible yet Disciplined:

    Leading with Empathy is a sure step towards gaining trust, something imperative to remain calm in times of crisis. At the same time, maintaining discipline is crucial for the business and should start at the top.

  • 3. Show Appreciation:

    Never forget the Power of Appreciation for Customers, Employees, Colleagues and Suppliers. These Stakeholders have sacrificed a lot during this time to keep the business on. Reminding them how valuable and appreciated their efforts are.

  • 4. Remain resilient:

    Hang on Tight and don't let go. True Leaders are those who keep calm and carry on, all while inspiring others to do the same. It is days like these that make True Leaders. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and others were remembered for their resilience and courage that forged their legacies!

by Frida Farah

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