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3 December 2020

4 Ways to help your Business Sustain in Times of Crisis

2020 is a year destined for history books with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic turning the crisis to both a Health and Economic Disaster. True Leaders are able to turn even a Global...

10 February 2018

Effect Management Consulting MENA

Effect Management Consulting can help companies in the MENA region develop their business manuals based on international standards and train teams on...

4 November 2018

Environmental issues in Lebanon

One of the biggest environmental issues Lebanon is facing today is the Marine pollution. A variety of factors affect the water and coastline of Lebanon, such as oil spills...

28 October 2018

"Blue Ocean" Strategy

Most of you have heard about the "Blue Ocean" strategy, but do you know what does it exactly stands for! "Blue Ocean" is about creating an uncontested market space making...

28 July 2016

Accrediting Business Schools Conference

«Être salariée m’a beaucoup appris. À la fin toutefois, je vivais dans une sorte d’épuisement psychologique : Je m’étais investie à fond. Or, le retour en investissement était minime. Ce qui m’a poussée à remettre en cause les fondements de ...

28 July 2016

Accrediting Business Schools Conference

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